Steady throughout the recent years, Jacabo has been seen as a very individualistic oil painter and charcoal artist. His push in the neo-surrealist moment, with the “Whimsically Bizarre,” brings insight into the modern world of  surrealism. He breaks down the walls of “high brow art,” so that more can enjoy art. See details.


Click to see The Lost Memories Gallery The Lost Memories Collection My first break out work  aimed at redeveloping  a new and exciting journey  into the world of …         surrealism.

< “LITTLE BOY” 18” x 24”                       < CLICK TO VIEW GALLERY >

Limited Quantity: “Picking Flower”  (9 in. x 12 in.) This charcoal Drawing Includes  the “Making of  Picking Flower Video” with purchase. NEW DRAWINGS NOW  WITH CREATIVE VIDEO! MOUSE OVER TO SEE DETAILS. USE MOUSE WHEEL TO ENLARGE DETAIL See Tampa Spanish station, MiraTV interview with surrealist artist, Jacabo… More Details Artist Daily - jacabo “Now’s the time to own weird art!” Coming Soon: Exciting new website click-to-go-to-FaceBook click-to-go-to-Pinterest

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