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Surrealist Painter: jacabo

jacabo was born in Havana, Cuba but immigrated in the early 1950's to the United States, where he later became a citizen in Miami at a young age. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Miami in Florida in the 1970's, he abandoned his dream of becoming a painter for nearly four decades to work as a graphic designer in commercial art to support his family. After the passing of his mother, who had always loved his childhood works and hung a painting of his on her wall until her death, shook jacabo awake. He passionately lunged into painting to bring us his first collection in 2011, “Lost Memories.” An exhaustive purge of emotion.

I finally returned to my lifelong wish and dream: Surrealism.

Jacabo Navarro

 Dade City, FL

Notable Quotes:

See Artist Theoryjacabo at work on his breakthrough piece.

“Expanding Surrealism”

Jacabo’s shown working on his anchor painting “Cerebral Stew” (48” x 74”) for the OddBall Collection. A breakthrough piece.

jacabo with guess at Progress Energy Art Gallery

“Dreams Exhibition”

jacabo pictured here with a guest at the “Dreams on the Way to Tomorrow” Featured artist exhibition, Progress Energy Art Gallery, New Port Richey, FL

“Spanish Market Debut”

Jacabo interviews with Spanish TV station MiraTV (WTAM 30 Tampa) Video is in Spanish.

Primarily a self taught fine art oil painter, jacabo is plagued with a conscious desire to advance surrealism. Neo-surrealism has taken many forms, but in his opinion, the surrealism of old was far too serious for the public to fully understand and the new falls short laden with self indulgent eye candy. So where does he to go from there? Click to see his theory.

Working from his home studio, jacabo continues to struggle to shed some of the past and bring forward a new theory; with some help from of his favorite artists, Hieronymus Bosch, Francis Bacon and of course, who else but Giuseppe Arcimboldo! These artists hold the key for jacabo and throughout his work their influences are very evident.

jacabo has exhibited in several Florida galleries in St. Pete, Dunedin, New Port Richey, and Dade City. His work in the past has been viewed at the Bug’s Splatter Art Gallery, Zephyrhills, FL at the Gateway Gallery, New Port Richey, FL and at the Dunedin Fine Art Center, Dunedin, FL.

jacabo now lives in Dade City, FL with his wife and partner, Janice.


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