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Super Delinquent
It's now the end of September and I've been super delinquent with my blog -- and you folks! And here's why: Tragedy continues to befall our family. My mother-in-law passed, my wife's uncle passed, one of my dearest uncle passed and now my last aunt, on my mother's side, is in a coma from a stroke, and she won't be expected to live long. I will travel to Miami soon.

Are You Totally Depressed Now?
Well, if you are, multiply that ten-fold and that's the climate I'm in... my art is in ... what art? But I know I have to continue on this path I've set for myself, even if it's only for my mother's sake. I've managed to focus on a few gems that have come my way since I've posted last.

When One Door Opens...
After much work by many, the art gallery I submit my work to, the New Port Richey Art Gallery, maybe closing at the end of October of this year! My heartfelt thanks to Fran, the director, and the many others who came before her. Apparently, there are no large patrons to help support the gallery. If you know of anyone please contact her at the gallery. But for me, and through the help of Fran, I've managed to get a lead to another gallery in Dunedin, FL.

I contacted the director at the Dunedin Fine Art Center, this past Labor Day week, and she agreed to meet with me briefly. With her help, I was able to submit my work for jury, a couple of my best charcoal/pencil drawings. They were well received, and are now, on exhibit there through October the 3rd, 2015. (Strange Lands & Watering Hole). Please go see them...

Do I Know How to Paint Anymore?
Yes, it's a fair question. And yes, I've not been able to refine my art: "Whimsically Bizarre Surrealism". My current painting ( I promise to you show you when it's finished.) is a small attempt at fleshing out a poorly thought-out dream I once had from my childhood days.

I wanted to see a world of "bizarre" elements, objects, creatures, and people all living in both "dance" and somber solace among strange situations of modern day predicaments.

"Wow!" I can't believe I thought of that when I was younger? Well, it was an on going vision for me. It came to me at different times. Some while I was day dreaming. Some while I slept. And some while I contemplated how I could bring it to life... But all in all, the influences were all there from the likes of surrealism, cartoons, and Disney, all flushing to the surface in a state of the un-real, of the imaginative and of the bizarre!

I Promise to Easy Up -- But Not Yet!!
Let me give you an example of what I'm after: Imagine that you are sailing on sail ship, and you glance out to sea and you see in the distant shore, and where you are part of the distant landscape, a shape of a big bird; and this bird is chewing up a person and at the same time, fighting for it from another animal for its next meal. It's all very bizarre, but not horrific! It's a pleasant depiction of what is horrid. And it doesn't affect you as a horrid event but merely whimsical. "Hey, look! I'm looking at this ship sailing and I'm part of this painting that is showing the big bird fighting for a meal. Not terrifying -- just a pleasant walk in the park!

If I can capture that -- then I can say I've reached my goal of "Whimsically Bizarre Surrealism". Not too hard? Maybe? Either way, I'm going to have some fun doing it. And I hope you will have fun viewing it.

Stay tuned, I promise I will try not to be less morbid and depressing... jacabo.


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