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Where is jacabo Again?

You ask, "Where have you been? And Are you still an Artist?"
Well, the answer is, "Busy!!!" and "Yes! I'm still an artist and will always be!!"

Things have gotten super, super crazy around my personal life, and my art, I must say, has suffered a bit. My mother in law continues to be very ill and she continues to be our top priority around the jacabo residence. We don't expect she will be with us for very long and so both my wife and I have been seeing more of her at the nursing home.
Inspiration - a Haven For the Nearly Lost

I have managed to continue to draw a bit and my charcoal drawings continue to improve and they have been of great solace in these difficult times.

I have, believe it or not, managed to get one painting in this year. And because it's been such a long time in posting, I have made a great effort to upload an image of the final oil that I call, "Sea Monsters" 24x30 today for you. See below
Sea Monster Surrealistic Oil Painting on Canvas 2017

Me a Cartoonist? NEVER!!
It is, as I promised, an early attempt to at furthering my theme of "Whimsically Bizarre Surrealism". I am having, in truth, a difficult time with it. I have come real close in areas, and with dear apologizes, at overdoing the "whimsical" and have dangerously approached the "cartoonist"!! I'll let you all decide ... and as they say, "It was a lick and a promise to do better next time."

"Who me? A TV Star?
Well, actually not. But I did get asked to do an interview on a Spanish station, MiraTV. Great inspiration for an artist that so needs it...

And it was merely by chance that I got the interview: a friend of my, you've heard me mentioned him before, Carlos (the frames all my work) was asked by his friend, a videographer for MiraTV if he knew any Spanish artist. The videographer was trying to get a few Spanish artists in the Tampa Bay area (FL) to do interviews about their work in order to improve an awareness of the arts in the Spanish community. Carlos mentioned that he knew too. I was one of the two!

Didn't take much convincing to do the interview. The catch (isn't there always one?) that the whole interview had to be conducted in Spanish. Well, and to my horror, my Spanish has slowly been deteriorating since my mother passed away several years back. She and my aunt are the only ones that forced me to speak in Spanish till now. And when I spoke it was local talk and not much to do with the arts, surrealism or technical.

I really didn't have to worry, my Spanish was right on the mark and when I needed help, the show host, Emilio De Fortuny, was great in helping me out of the tough spots. You must see the video that I've upload and see how I did?

Yes, there is, but you'll have to wait for my next post ... jacabo


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