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September and October were busy for me

What Happen?
I knocked out two more amazing paintings; smaller than I'd like them to be, however, very good. I'm talking about “One Night” (18x24 inches) and “Angel Maker” (24x30 inches). Click here to view. They are very similar, yet, very different. I’m not sure which one I love the best. My, “Angel Maker”, out edges “One Night” and only because it expands on my theme of "consequences of our actions" a bit further.

I'm A Weary Traveler
My day job’s traveling time is draining my energy and it’s very difficult to keep the pace of the past two years. And now the holidays are upon us and I don’t want to miss out on family life during this time. I struggle with my inner feelings of remorse for my art. I feel that I’m at crossroads and my art calls and demands my full attention. I’ve had to postpone my April Exhibition of “Your Pretty Face” at The Downtown New Port Richey Art Gallery.

A Wish of Success
I’d like to wish Nancy Ciesla, the former Gallery Director at The Downtown New Port Richey Art Gallery, success in her new endeavors, and a great welcome to Bonnie Bratby-Carey as the new director here:

I may still submit a couple of my paintings in April from my new collection, “Your Pretty Face” but I’m not sure if I should wait till I have more paintings? Besides I don’t want to steal the featured artist his or her thunder.

A New Gallery But Which One?
I have yet had time to look around in St. Pete for a gallery. Is my challenge heading there an extra day i.e. Saturday or Sunday to check things out? (125 miles) I need to check the websites out to see which one(s) is a right fit; more on this to come.
Well, that’s it for now. I do have a promise to fulfill; I will have up to a new page of all my charcoal drawings. I just need to figure out which ones to put up and figure out names, sizes, etc. (no time).

If I don’t add to my blog before the holidays come up. Have a great time with family and friends. jacabo


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