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August Came and Went

No Telling What Happen to Me in August Now
Oh, yes, let me get this nonartistic item out of the way. My "regular gig" moved away approx. 120 miles (round trip) in August. So now I'm on the road three hours daily. That's 600 miles a week. So I know you know what comes next? Right? Yes, a big all fat excuse for not painting! Well if you thought that then you're partially right, I have been painting... but slower.

I do have two more paintings done and a nice size one too, "Ecumenical Damsel" it's 24" by 48" and I just finished this weekend, "One Night" 18"x24".( Click here ) They are all part of the new collection I call "Your Pretty Face" (for those of you have not been following my blog). I keep telling myself I'm all about quality but my gallery director is looking to cover more wall space than I have paintings; I'll be needing about 12 -15 paintings to round out this collection.

Good Luck!!
Not sure if I'll be able to knock out 15 paintings, but I'm going to try. On a brighter note, I've been buying up paint and canvas at the local "art store" with 40 - 50 percent off coupons; stocking up for the more leaner days. I was printing out the coupons until I ran out of ink, so I used my Smart Phone and went to the website and had the clerk scan them in at the store; saved on paper and ink, brushes, paint, and canvas.

Charcoal Drawings
I also bought some charcoal and drawing pads and I've been sketching out some nice pieces. When I get some "extra" time I'll build a web page and let you see them all; hopefully, you'll request to buy some right? LOL. Need cash to pay for that “big old gas bill” I now have? I have to stop with the whining.

Well …
I not sure if August was worth mentioning on the blog. Oh! Wait I got one more important bit of news. There are a lot of galleries at my new job’s location. I will be planning a field trip sometime soon. Check them out and see if any are anything I will be interested in. The area is very old and enjoys a lot of folks with extra money to burn. So come back next time and I’ll tell you where the galleries are. cya. jacabo


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