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March Crazy - Glad It's Gone!

Well, I promised last time I’d let you know how things went with my application to the “Miami Gallery” (see my previous post) and it didn’t! Yep. Got a rejection letter in the mail stating to try again next year? The letter was not too specific (are they ever?). Well, I guess I got to find another gallery to apply to or wait until next year? I think I’ll look around for another gallery that can see great work right off!!

I do have some good news; I’ve finished “Cerebral Stew”, my largest painting, to date! I have not celebrated yet; waiting to hear how the public will receive it at my exhibition coming up (more on this later). I have to be honest, as much as I love painting, I’m glad that this piece is done! Large works like this (48 inches by 74 inches) are best left when you are on vacation for several months or retired. Neither which I had the pleasure.

I was getting tired of the palette I was using: Titanium white (Two large tubes), Burnt Umber & Sienna, Raw Umber, Black, Yellow Ochre and touches of Cadmium Yellow ($40 per tube), Prussian blue and Indigo. And I felt that I was back in my younger days when I was told to “color within the lines”. (Remember?) The long large pervasive brush strokes and flights of fantasy were gone! Also, it didn’t help when you underestimate the time it would take to finish a project of this size; how quickly the inspirations came – right! My brushes were getting on my nerves; some were wearing out, some losing hairs, some I couldn’t clean fast enough to apply a different color and colors ran together. Man, can I continue to whine?

I had a heck of time delivering the painting wet! It would not fit into my SUV with easy, nor would it fit with the frame, so I had to take it to the framers (Carlos – many thanks!) and yes, we got paint on the roof of the vehicle (many times). Carlos mounted it and helped haul it to the gallery this Saturday in his caravan. I will be reporting back on how the heck I’m going to pick up the painting in my next blog post.

I do miss seeing the big canvass in my studio. It was very hard to paint in a small room. And more still, it became part of my life for several months. It left a big void, but if I sell it, I’ll have a big check to fill its spot in my heart. LOL. Oh, well, enough of that let me move on.

My annual dues are in ($40) and the rental space for the month of April is too for PEAG. It was tough coming up with the cash. Art is a very expensive mistress. My featured exhibition at Progress Energy Art Gallery (PEAG) is on for this coming Friday, April 5th, 2013 at 6 p.m. Please come and you'll be sure to meet me there Friday, but if you can’t come out then, I will also stop in Saturday, April 6th afternoon. I’ll have my family with me there and you’ll get to meet my grandson, Colton-James. The exhibition will be on till April 27th so you’ll have plenty of time to see it. Just ... please, don’t touch the painting … LOL.


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