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New Year's Resolution: Do More Painting
Needless to say, November and December 2012 were not very productive for me. As you can tell just from my blog alone, it is in very serious need of updating. I definitely had an artist “block”. (Note: “had”) And with vacations, holidays and family gatherings (love those grandkids) things just did happen for me artistically.

Both in November and December (mostly November) I produced one medium painting and one small painting; though they were ones in which I really, really, had fun doing: "Missile Toad". (22"x28") and “Untitled” (11”x14”)

In “Missile Toad”, I've combined much that I had struggled to discover in “Broken Chalice”. I managed to amuse myself even with the title. Once I had this painting completed, I truly felt that I had broken through into a new world of imagery and psychological experience. It even inspired me to try to tackle a more ambitious work, ”along the same lines”.

Full Throttle Ahead 2013!
I started a large linen canvas (4 ft. x 6 ft.). Remember the one I was going to start back in October’s blog entry? Well, it finally is happening…

And as an aside bar: I need to do a better job of applying and sanding the gesso. The oils are drying up pretty fast (I’m using the best-refined linseed oil) on this linen canvas. And the gesso brush strokes are tough to ignore. I sense that I’m not as fluid here as I would be on a cotton canvas.

Anyway, I have started …
And I have spent four, 10 hour days, back to back on what I consider will be one of my major works in this “Oddball” Collection. I have sooooooo much room that it worries me that my overall composition may suffer. I may post the different stages of my completion, from start to almost finish once I get done. Why to “almost finish?”

Well … I have a gallery showing come April 2013 at PEAG
I need to move fast now (I can do it, remember I’m inspired). I have only five paintings done for this collection. I still have to design, produce and have printed a brochure and flyer to go with it. And I have to have them framed and delivered by April 1st. And delivery is going to be a big challenge: Once framed the large canvass will NOT fit in my SUV; more to come on this in my next post.

Miami Here I Come
I need to apply to a jury gallery in Miami soon. More to come on this as well… my …. I need to stop for now. Promise to be more “regular” :-) and detailed in my future postings. Come back soon...


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