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New Year - Same Old Stories? Not Really

Xmas Was Fun - Sought Off
Since my retirement, I'm not sure I appreciate the holidays as much as I use to. Don't get me wrong, being with family is great. I just wish that everyone would be healthy for the occasion. Some of us were either getting over a bug or getting one! On the hold, it was cold and fun. Grandkids are the best at this time of the year.

Back to Art as a Business

I finally had a cooperate name change, and my company is now officially called Jacabo Studio, Inc. I'm throwing all my websites (up-and-coming) under one umbrella. I've secured several more new domain names: and; along with the two old ones: (before I took up "jacabo" as my official alias) and

I plan on splitting up my drawings from my paintings. I'm taking all my drawings to and leaving with the paintings. And if I get some extra time, I plan on coming up with fun stuff for in the near future. Either way, it's going to require a lot of my time away from the creative stuff.

Cash Is King
Funds are getting really low, and I need to improve sales online. I've hooked up with PayPal to process all my sales with their buttons. Eventually, I will figure something out for a Shopping Cart. And hopefully having a separate website for the drawings will improve traffic? One bit of a pain that I wasn't looking for is tax reporting. Here in Florida, I've had to break down the taxes per county and by zip code! Man did that proved to be a pain in the a--!

t took me three days and working with PayPal support (great folks BTW) to get the tax range in place. Now let's hope that all that effort brings more sales in? (It hasn't thus far.)

Nothing New On The Oils
I'm still not super motivated to finish this new painting I started back in 2016. It's part of the "Sea Monster Collection". Speaking of this collection, I did get a lot of positive feedback from folks at the debut of three of my first paintings I exhibited last year at The Gateway Gallery in NPR. ("Sea Monsters", "Bird of Prey" and "Winged Cooties").
I found this website, in December and to my surprise I was very encouraged by the exposure they gave me! I uploaded several pieces for their Artist Gallery and I was freaked out when I saw that they had used my "Winged Cooties" oil painting on their website's front page as a link to the artists' galleries! Great feeling to see one's art shown on another website. (
Enough of the gloating! If you are a starving artist I definitely would recommend this site to you: They are part of a bigger network so check them out.

Drawings Are Still Here
I've drawn a bit this past year, and I feel that there is still more in me to do. I would recommend you catch my "Fish Fry" drawing I did. It's 18 in. x 24 in. and definitely a very weird surrealistic piece. I like archery as a hobby and fishing so I combined these two into one drawing. I must admit the combination proved startling even for me. I also did a few others less revealing, but the one I did for my Goddaughter, Rebecca (she is getting married this month) was truly exquisite and worth mentioning. Also, 18 in. x 24 in., it reveals a side of me I didn't have. It contains my standard "birds" and sea landscape, but the young lady's face in this charcoal, pencil and conte drawing is truly unique. I call it the "Sailors Beware."

I'm Done!
You guys didn't think I would get this wordy? Well neither did I ...
Well, I'll leave with this image of "Sailors Beware".

Sailors Beware! Charcoal, Pencil and Conte Crayon

In honor of my Goddaughter, Rebecca's Wedding... CYA!


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