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A Change Is Coming

So sorry for the longtime absences; since July, I've been super busy. I will only outline here the more memorial and noteworthy:
I finished the Sea Monster Collection; and finished a video showing my techniques for finishing the last painting in the series, "Last Voyage."

I also got ready for the October Show at the Gateway Art Gallery in NPR. It was a very difficult time for me. Art had to be framed and listed and free ATC (Artist Trading Cards) had to be done. The show went well but only produced two sales. It was very exciting to see all my Sea Monster Collection up in one place. The folks at the gallery there were super in taking in a large number of inventory of works I submitted for the show.

After breaking down the show, I currently put up the last two pieces that I will be exhibiting there for a while.

What's Going On?
I have decided to stop showing my work for the foreseeable future, at least for the better part of 2018. My gallery folks were very understanding when I told them that I needed to reenergize my creative juices. I will still keep my website active with some of my new works.
Speaking of new works, after many souls searching days I will be changing directions, as far as my paintings and drawings go. I will be more focused on the female nude body and parts. Nothing new for me, I did touch on that theme throughout a lot of my works, however, it will be more intense and revealing; I've not decided how best to go about doing that yet...

Yes, you read right. These past few months I've written 2 children's books. One has published: BluBerrie - The Party and the other will go to the editor shortly, and the former is available at and it's also at www.bluberriebooks (dot) com. I've always wanted to write down these stories I've told to my kids and now, my grandkids. In addition, the editor has another project I'm currently investigating whether to devout some time to it. This is another e-book but more serious and more lengthy.

More surprising, none have to do with art and drawing or painting. I found it very difficult to write but I was able to use my visual skills to picture the scenes and it was then an easy matter to write them down.
JacaboStudio (dot) com and JacaboDrawings (dot) com

I've partially updated my Jacabo Studio's website and I will promise to get my act together enough to update Jacabo Drawings's website as well.

More than likely I will be back in contact with you folks after the Holidays so, peace be with you and many hopes that things will only get better...


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