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Trading Cards Are Here
Great news for my fans (if I have any - LOL). I've decided to start selling small trading cards of my work! If you couldn't afford to purchase any of my work, now you can at a very reasonable price. Now if you've attended any of my exhibitions, you probably might have received a free trading card from me. That is if you've caught me at the gallery during opening night exhibitions. I usually draw up about fifteen cards per show and give them away for attending. They go pretty fast at the show and are very popular.

I decided to offer them for purchase at the galleries and on my website. Giving the folks encouragement to start a collection. The only difference is that the gallery cards are tag for the gallery I'm selling them from... the web trading cards are not marked.

No More Sales Pitches
Let me see what else... sales have dried up except for the trading cards. I've had very little luck breaking into the Tampa (FL) market. I keep trying the "unsolicited" email but that's not working for me.

I'm thinking of putting more of my art on my Facebook page. Right now I've been reluctant to flood my friends and fans with my work. I know it's a good idea to be more active on Social Media. But I have enough to do. I'm also a member of the website and I can get to post my work on Facebook through them.

Busy? No, Not Really
I'm at the end of my rope. My artist block is back again!! Still staring at my last painting I started back in 2016. It's not a very large one either (16 in. x 20 in.). I think I've convinced myself that I've lost my "juices!" I don't know. I think I'm losing interest. Sad. My drawings are still flowing, but they are a bit "dark." I use to think that my drawings were a relief from my oil work. Now that's all I'm doing. Not sure why? I better stop here... I hate the "feeling sorry for myself" whinny outlook...

Better Times Ahead
My plans to move all my drawings to a new website is coming soon. I secured a couple of new domain names: and The latter will remain inactive until I can figure how to use it; the former will be the official drawing site for me. I started throwing a few ideas out, how best to display my work. But I'm not in love with anyone of them yet. Look for more to come...


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