The "Queen of Maybe" 18"x24" Framed "Harpooned" 24"x30" Framed "The Sounds of New Life" 24"x30" Framed
"A Day at the Beach" 36"x48" Framed (NOT FOR SALE)

Dreams Collection Facts:

Dreams started simple enough: create a series of paintings that were not black and yellow! That’s it… But it turned out to be much more. First, the paintings were larger. Second, they spanned a year and half. And third, it evolved into an experiment that provided a basis for a new direction for the artist. The paint flowed predominately in blues and browns with touches of yellow and red. Brush strokes held hidden images and but remained still in development. Line quality became more important. Streams: erratic, in cohesive and random. “Causes” became an underlining theme.

Available for Sale

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