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Lost Memories Collection

The artist started this collection with the only intention was to express the lost of his mother but it took him more to an inner peace and re-awakened a longing to paint again.

"Little Boay" 18"x24" Framed (NOT FOR SALE) Art Gallery

Dreams On the Way to Tomorrow

I wanted to break loose form the yellows and blacks of the past and experiment with a new direction for surrealism.

Dreams Collection Facts Art Gallery

The OddBall Collection

Opens up a new path for surrealism and a more sustainable art appreciation experience. It places simple observable images in juxtapositions for the viewer to enjoy and appreciate for a longer period.

OddBall Collection Facts Art Gallery
"Angel Maker" 24"x30" Framed Art Gallery

“Your Pretty Face Collection”

Here we get a glimpse of long lost women that are recalled as impressions of whom they use to be. Traits are captured as lost feelings of the good and bad that they projected.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: Red Sky (12 in. x 9 in.)
  • “Red Sky” SOLD
    SUPER Buy!
Original 12”x9” oil on cotton  canvas painting.  The calm    Before the storm…      (FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING*)SOLD
CLICK FOR DETEAILS: Winter Cabin (12 in x 9 in.)
  • “Winter Cabin”   $175 On Sale!

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CLICK FOR DETAILS: Red Yeti (11 in. x 14") CLICK FOR DETAILS: Hand Portrait 11 in x 14 in.) CLICK FOR DETAILS: Prickly Flowers (11 in. x 14 in.) CLICK FOR DETAILS: Blue Dragon (9 in. x 12 in.)
"Water-Nympn 16"x20" FramedArt Gallery

“Sea Monsters Collection”

Creatures that lurk in the deep and rarely come to the surface.
Escaped the mind of the artist in playful compositions.  Keep
looking and you just may find more than you see...

NEW Website Coming: CLICK TO SEE SOLD “Loose Face,”  though sold we have others.

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