"The Birth" 18"x24" Framed (NOT FOR SALE) "Creepy Bugs" 16"x20" Framed (NOT FOR SALE) "The King" 18"x24" Framed (NOT FOR SALE)
"The Truth" 36"x20" Framed (NOT FOR SALE)

Lost Memories Facts:

The Lost Memory Collection was done in the course of a year. This 15 piece collection was mostly painted in black and yellow (Cadmium Pale yellow). Or what some have labeled it, “the artist’s Yellow and Black Period.” The images are stark that show a depressive journey of the sad, mysterious and elusive state of the artist's soul. It  contains passages from fears for the departed, to glees and joys of enduring memories. Truly an exhaustive body of work that lunges in to a rebirth of  an extraordinary emotional nature, torn from sadness.

Not Available.

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