"Sea Hagg" 11"x14" Framed "Two Maidens" 18"x24" Framed "Pearl's Plight" 23"x30" Framed
"Angel Maker" 24"x30" Framed

Your Pretty Face Facts:

This collections spans several years but mostly painted 2013 and 2014. The “Sea Hag” (upper right corner) piece was done in 2011 and “Vanity’s Vail” (see gallery) was finished in 2015. The artist needed “an escape” from the challenges of trying to be ground breaking. A few of the pieces still pushes the boundaries of surrealism i.e. “Two Maidens”. (Second upper right corner.) But most paintings were done with only in mind to capture the essences of past woman: contacts, friends, lovers and love ones who through the years had left an impression. None were real portraits, all but one.

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